North Wind Aviation helps implement best practices for forest management with a focus on resource protection and environmental awareness. North Wind has equipment to provide a wide range of forestry support.

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Cherry Drying

We have the largest fleet of helicopters in the West for Cherry Drying. We ensure your crop is covered when rain comes. North Wind Aviation also provides Fruit Fly Pest Programs.


Row Crop

Wheat, alfalfa, corn, pumpkins, potatoes, onions, blueberries, and much more.


Tree Fruit

Apples, cherries, pears, nectarines, peaches, and plums.



Aircraft application is the fastest of all application methods for pollen. With aircraft application, a fixed wing aircraft or helicopter is used to carry the pollen to the orchard. It will improve set and seed set fruit size.



ULV- Ultra Low Volume is a preferred application method for Fruit Fly and Mosquitoes. We service small municipalities, HOA's, Mosquito districts, and farmers.

We have multiple application options for a comprehensive Fruit Fly management program during cherry season

Organic Spray

Organic Spray

Organic Spray? Yes, organic farmers employ the services of aerial applicators. Since organic spraying is preventative, aerial applicators spray organic yields with approved organic pesticides practically every day to keep any pervasions from beginning.


Dry Bucket

Seeding, fertilizer, and mouse bait.

Aerial Firefighting

Full Service aerial helicopter firefighting. Our fleet is ready to fight fires when needed.


Frost Protection

North Wind Aviation, has created dependability in frost control services. North Wind Aviation carries it's operation to California to shield almond crops from ice. Our pilots are prepared and trained in night operations and our helicopters are furnished with GPS and lighting for precise area of the fields to be secured.


Unique Projects/ Events

Precision herbicide application and external load lifts. Aerial lifting for construction and public utilities. Contact us with your uncommon undertaking or occasion.


Charter Flights

We offer charter services for scouting, photography, & transportation.